Are you ready to start improving your health and balancing your hormones but not sure where to begin?

Sylvia El-Helou Sylvia Wellness Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in women's health & hormones

Happy Healthy Hormones Program

This is a 6 month self-lead program that takes you through my signature methodologies to get to the root cause of your hormonal imbalances. This program takes you in depth through 4 specific protocols, functional testing and additional custom support tailored to your individual needs. There is also weekly on-going support and accountability to help you through your health journey. 

 $1599.99 + tax

Nutritional Counseling 1:1

Are you ready to get started improving your health but not sure where to begin? Then this will provide you with the guidance and clarity you need. We will spend the initial consultation digging deep into your health history, current diet, and lifestyle. Then you will receive a personalized protocol with actionable steps to get you started, and a follow-up session (or more if needed) where you can ask any questions you may have. 

Nutritional Consultation Options:

1. 1 Initial Consultation (1 hour) + 1 (30 min) follow-up appointment  $249

2. 1 Initial Consultation (1 hour) + 2 (30 min.) follow-up appointments  $329

3. 1 Initial Consultation + 3 (30 min.) follow-up appointments 


Not sure which option is best for you?

Send me an email with information about you including your age, height, weight and health issues and concerns. I will be happy to help you decide which of my services would be most beneficial to help solve your issues and concerns.

 email Sylvia at

I look forward to helping you live a hormonally balanced, healthy life.

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